Mark 6




The Moon Mark 6 is a full-sized, four inch bolster lock.  Using a thick stock blade and titanium bolster lock, the Mark 6 is rugged to the extreme, yet light and slim enough for every day pocket carry.  Thanks to its weight-efficient tapered frame, the Mark 6 sits well in the pocket and hand and is comfortable for extended carry and cutting tasks.  

The Mark 6 utilizes a captive thrust bearing system in conjunction with its tang flipper for lightning-fast one handed deployment and ease of maintenance.  The knife's rugged 3/16ths inch pivot and internal stop pin lend the knife a clean aesthetic and match well with the knife's futuristic lines.  

The knife uses a solid G10 backspacer, which is available in a variety of different colors, and will accept a lanyard to aid in extraction from the pocket.  The knives come standard with heavy-duty G10 pocket clips (billet titanium pocket clips are available) and your choice of handle scale and material.  The knives will also accept a variety of different blade shapes, which are available in your choice of finish.  


  • Blade Length: 4 inches
  • Blade Height: 1 inch
  • Overall Open Length: 9.5 inches
  • Closed Length: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: Between 5.5 ounces and 7 ounces (Depending on blade and handle options selected)
  • Blade Thickness: .1875 inches
  • Lockbar Thickness: .25 inches
  • Handle Thickness: .72 inches at the Bolster, tapers to .56 inches at the Pocket Clip
  • Handle Material: 6Al4V/Grade 5 Titanium
  • Blade Material: CPM-154 or CPM-S30V

Bolster lock: 

The Mark 6 utilizes an efficient bolster lock.  This locking mechanism combines the best of both framelock and liner lock mechanisms.  Framelocks by nature are heavy, utilizing thick stock titanium to gain strength in the lockbar, but they allow the user to place their hand on the lock, preventing the lock from being released during use.  
Linerlocks are generally more comfortable in the hand and lighter than framelocks, but can leave brute strength to be desired.  The Mark 6's bolsterlock combines the best of both worlds without any of the drawbacks, as it utilizes a thick quarter inch lock, which is milled below the bolster to accept a scale overlay.  This creates a light, comfortable handle which prevents lockbar overtravel but still allows for a strong, durable lock.

Thrust Bearings: 

The Mark 6 is equiped with thrust bearings for fast and easy opening without wrist movement.  While there are many ways of installing ball bearings into knives for quick opening, thrust bearings are captive and allow the knife to be easily serviced.  There are no loose bearings to lose, and thrust bearings are far more tolerant of dirt and debris than other bearing systems.  Combined with the flipper on the tang on the blade for ambidextrious opening, the thrust bearings in the Mark 6 make the knife one of the fastest opening knives on the market.
NOTE: The thrust bearing system on the Mark 6 is designed to run dry and requires no lubrication.

Tapered Frames: 

The Mark 6 carries suprisingly well for a full sized, four inch knife, due primarily to it's tapered frames.  As with all Moon folding knives, the frames of the Mark 6 taper distally, becoming thinner as they approach the end of the knife by about 1.408 degrees.  This allows the Mark 6 to more efficiently utilize pocket space and weight, making the knife feel much thinner and much lighter in both the pocket and in hand.  Even with the taper, the Mark 6 has a full quarter inch thick lock bar.  
The Mark 6 is all about efficiency, making the most of limited space and weight, and the tapered frames allow the Mark 6 to achieve this goal.

Scale Materials and Flutes:  

The Mark 6s can come equiped with a variety of different scale materials and styles.  The most common material we use is G10, which is a phenolic made of fiberglass sheets impregnated with colored resin.  It's extremely temperature insensitive and shock resistant, and it's generally considered to be the industry standard for knife handles.  
Additionally we offer Micarta for our scale materials, which is made of various natural fibers that have been dyed and set in resin, similar to G10.  Micarta, when media blasted, can be very grippy, especially when wet.  
If you need additional grip, we recomend adding custom grip fluting to your scales.  This is a process by which we hand mill a unique pattern into the surface of the knife's scales, giving the knife extra traction and a distinctive look. 


Demand for the Mark 6 is higher than our ability to hand build these knives therefore we have to limit how many knives become available each week so that we can deliver the knives to you in a reasonable amount of time.  If you attempt to place an order and it says there's no stock it is because that week's quota of knives have been sold out.  We release new quotas at the end of each weeks build.  If we are out of stock, please check back the following week for availability.
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