Moon Banshee, Timascus (Pre-Order)


***This is a Pre-Order slot for a Moon Banshee made with a solid Timascus frame.  Please do not order if you cannot wait for the order to be filled.  Orders will take approx. 6-12 weeks to complete depending on availability of materials.  You must pre-pay for these knives because of the cost of the Timascus.  These will come with a hand rubbed satin drop point CPM-20CV blade.  If you would like a damasteel blade with your knife, please contact me at, the additional cost of which is $450 for a mirror finished damasteel blade.  

These are made with solid, hand polished Timascus (hand forged layered titanium).  Because of the Banshee's clamshell design and hard angles, Timascus looks absolutely insane on these knives.  I polish it up to around 1200 grit before heat ano, which brings out the full shimmer of the material and makes it super reflective.  This material is perfect for the Banshee, and for those of you looking for a super heirloom quality knife, here's your chance.  I'm going to do a run of these with 20CV drop point blades and my hand rubbed satin finish.  Please bear in mind the pictures show damasteel, this will be different on your finished knife unless you email me and opt-in for damasteel.  My hand rubbed finish has mirror polished flats, and contrast bevels, so it looks amazing with this Timascus material.  

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