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Your Moon knife is guaranteed for life. Every knife is designed for a purpose, and built accordingly. If your Moon knife fails to perform its intended purpose due to workmanship or faulty materials, we will cover your repair free of cost. We reserve the right to repair or replace parts at our discretion. Natural materials are not covered under this warranty. Neglect, abuse and incorrect application (using your knife to perform any other task besides cutting) will void your warranty. Do not take apart your Moon knife for any other reason besides cleaning, as this will void your warranty.

Some examples of items that will void your warranty include:

-Grinding on the locking face

-Using the knife with various parts removed, like bearings or stop pins

-Mixing parts between knives

-Aftermarket customizations (anodization, paint, refinishing, regrinding, engraving or any mechanical alterations, etc)

As part of your warranty, we will always clean, tune and sharpen your Moon folder at no charge. Your only cost is the return-shipping fee (15$ US, Intl. at cost). If a knife has been modified or taken apart outside of our workshop, your warranty is void.

Please be aware that titanium anodization wear, Cerakote wear, “snail trails” and other finish wear are natural parts of a knife’s life cycle. Refinishing these purely cosmetic items will require a service charge for my time and work.Once your knife is received it is usually fixed up and on its way back within 3-6 weeks. That period is an estimate and can take longer, or on rare occasions, not so long. It is primarily dependent on my workload, please bare in mind I am a single person shop.

Shipping Policy

Please allow for up to one week for shipment of in stock items. I'm primarily a maker rather than a retailer and the majority of my time is spent making knives rather than shipping. However, rest assured shipping will be completed as quickly as humanly possible. 

Please note that the Buyer is responsible for all taxes, customs, tariffs and duties. International buyers are subject to additional shipping charges due to the increased cost of international ship, this is on a case-by-case basis and is largely dependent on the country the knife is being shipped to. Please contact me for all questions regarding international shipping.


    All disclosures herein contain proprietary rights of Will Moon Custom Knives including any and all intellectual property rights. Disclosures are solely for the purposes of marketing and sales. Any use for competitive purposes will be a violation of Will Moon Custom Knives’s legal rights including intellectual property rights.

    The Moon Spindle Lock is patent pending and the sole property of Will Moon Knives LLC. It is not to be recreated or used without express permission from Will Moon Knives LLC. 

    By placing an order you agree to abide by a policy of basic decency, wherein the buyer will maintain good faith with the seller and vise-versa. That good faith includes, but is not limited to, resolution of any conflicts in private, rather than in any open or public forum, social media group or page. I will do my utmost to ensure that you, as my customer, have an excellent buying experience and that the knife you order is of the best possible quality, but please understand that in the age of the internet, negative reviews can easily destroy a small business like mine, which jeopardizes my ability to provide for my family. This goes for any small business. If for some reason you feel that you have not received something up to par, or that your experience could be improved in any way, please contact me as I'm very receptive to helping improve not only my product, but my business and would rather find a way to make you happy as my customer than have negativity spoil what should be a fun experience. I truly want you to be "wowed" when ordering from Moon Knives; The policy of basic decency is my promise to you that I will do everything in my power to make your experience awesome! 


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