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Moon Spindle Lock

What is the Moon Spindle Lock?

The Spindle Lock is a direct upgrade to legacy locking systems like the Axis Lock, Bolt Lock, Bearing Lock, etc.  In essence, the Spindle Lock addresses some of the shortcomings with those locking systems, prime among them being issues with cleanliness, ease of assembly and maintenance and spring durability.  

While Axis-type locks are extremely strong, one of their major shortcomings is the durability of the Omega Spring.  These fail regularly, and are cited as the number one reason for knife buyers to shy away from purchasing, owning and carrying Axis-type locking systems.  The Spindle Lock uses dual compression springs, which have a lifespan several orders of magnitude longer than Omega springs - in fact they are so durable, they last for the lifetime of the knife.

If the springs should ever fail, the Spindle Lock’s construction makes it incredibly simple to change them.  One of the unique aspects of the Spindle Lock is the way it takes apart.  Simply remove one screw from the Spindle and it pushes out of the frame of the knife, allowing the dual piston-spring assemblies to be removed without any further takedown.  Springs and pistons can be removed for cleaning or disassembly in a matter of seconds,  and reassembly is a snap.

The take-away

For manufacturers, this means fewer service and warranty calls, fewer man-hours spent on assembly, fewer replacement parts and a durable system your company can use to create value upon.  For owners, this means a trouble free user experience, with a lock you can count on to keep your knife securely and safely open, and close it conveniently when you’re done using your tool.  

Spindle Lock Assembly: the entire locking system is a self-contained, user serviceable module held in the front of the knife that contains all of the architecture for the entire locking system.  This load-bearing locking module allows the remainder of the handle to be made out of non-load-bearing, lightweight material.  

When compressed, the piston seals the spring from dirt and debris ingress.  Springs are rated for the lifetime of the knife.  

Spindle Lock Overview

Superior strength, less weight


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