Moon Knives are individually handcrafted in Apex, NC.  The goal of my work is to create the absolute finest knife money can buy.  Using the most advanced modern manufacturing methods in combination with traditional hand craftsmanship, Moon knives are truly a cut above.

If you have any questions about options, please feel free to email me at support@willmooncustomknives.com.  For additional information, I have an extensive library of videos on YouTube and have a lot of background material on Facebook or follow me on instagram.




The Moon Banshee is an evolution of technology pioneered in the Stormcrow, utilizing the same clamshell construction techniques, but this time with the new Moon Spindle Lock.  This is my first non-flipper knife, which uses dual titanium thumbstuds.  The combination of the strong Spindle Lock with the ultra-tough synthetic frame and sparing titanium reinforcement results in an extremely strong knife that will stay dependable regardless of the enironment and stand the test of time.  

The Spindle Lock in particular needs some explaination.  Originally it started as a modification on the older McHenry-Williams Axis Lock, which we all know and love from Benchmade's products.  The patents from that lock granted Benchmade exclusive license to utilize the lock until the patents expired in 2016, at which point it became legal to utilize a verbatim copy of the lock.  While some other companies have gone the route of a direct copy, Moon Knives is known for breaking with the pack and trying to innovate on existing technology, finding new ways to solve problems.  While the Axis lock is a great lock, it does suffer from some definite drawbacks.  The main ones I identified were a lack of durability of the Omega Springs, the ease with which the Axis lock gums up with pocket debris and dirt, and general difficulty in servicing the lock should you ever need to disassemble a knife with an Axis lock.  


These were the problems that I set about trying to solve, without sacraficing any of the Axis lock's inheritly positive attributes - strength, smoothness, a secure lockup every time, safety, ambidexterity, etc.  The result is what I call the Spindle Lock, which became so mechanically different from the Axis lock that I gave it its' own name.  The Spindle Lock addresses all of the identified faults with the Axis lock without giving up any of the Axis lock's virtues.  It is constructed entirely differently from the Axis lock, and vastly different spring arrangement that is far more durable.  Additionally the Spindle Lock features dual guide rod pushers that seal the mechanism from dirt and debris, which keeps it reliable in all conditions.  

The Spindle itself can be maintained increadibly easily.  It's a solid-core piece of 440C, which is threaded on either side to accept a titanium stud.  This allows one stud to be removed and the Spindle to slide out of the frame of the knife, revealing the twin action springs and guide rods.  The action springs are coil springs, rated for ten million cycles, so they should never wear out or break - a vast improvement over the Axis lock, which uses Omega springs.  The guide rods are mated with the springs and can be easily assembled or disassembled as a single piece, making it super easy to change them, and they can be removed from the knife without disassembling the knife once the Spindle is removed.  This key feature makes knives with Spindle Locks exponentially easier to maintain than their Axis lock progenitors, solving the problem of difficult maintenance.  




Coupled with the Spindle Lock is my ceramic bearing system, which helps provide smooth function for the knife.  Hardened steel washers are inset into 6Al4V titanium locking blocks, which allow the ceramics to run on steel, making the knife flip increadibly fast.  One of the other benefits of the Spindle Lock is the ability to vary detent strength with the guide rods, which allow for a much more secure and positive detent than the Axis lock.  This make's the Banshee's flipping action much more satisfying, but of course you can still do the "lock flip" with the knife for opening and closure.  The Spindle locks up against a solid .2 inches of titanium on the locking block, along with an additional .2 inches of frame material, which makes the lock increadibly strong.  In my testing the Spindle Lock took over 400 pounds of force without failure - I only stopped my test because I sheered my thumbstuds off from the force.  As a result, ounce for ounce, the Banshee may be the strongest knife you can purchase today.




As far as vital stats, the knife has a 3.7 inch blade, 8 inch overall length.  Blade thickness is .1875 inches of CPM-154 steel, vacuum heat treated to 58C.  The knives utilize ceramic bearings that run on inset steel washers inside the knife, making it smooth and easy to operate with the knife's dual titanium thumbstuds.  The frame is around .6 inches at the pivot, but tapers to .4 inches at the butt of the knife, making it comfortable in the pocket.  Additional tapers on the top and bottom of the knife further reduce bulk and make the knife comfortable in the hand.  Standard base model Banshees come with G10 frames, but various twills and synthetic fibers are available.  For those who really want a beefy knife, titanium frames are also available as a premium offering.  

Every Banshee is handmade in my shop in Apex, NC.  Apart from the heat treating, I am a sole authorship shop.  I personally hand grind and hand finish every frame and blade, hand fit every part and component that goes into your knife.  I have spent years creating unique supply lines and working with material suppliers to produce all of my materials in the United States, as a result literally every part down to the raw materials comes from US sources.  Every tool in my shop is US made.  


I'm also excited to announce that Banshees now come with hand sewn and embroidered Moon cases.  These are in-house made out of suede fabric and embroidered to color match your individual knife.  When you custom order a Banshee, you will get a matching case for it that, like your knife, is handmade in the USA.  

If you have any questions about the Banshee model, the ordering process or the technology behind the knife, please email me at support@willmooncustomknives.com





Moon Knives Technologies

Moon Knives is known for doing things a little differently from most custom knife makers.  Use of new technologies, interesting locks, methods of construction and materials are all hallmarks of Moon Design, which help contribute to stunning designs and world class cutlery.  I've assembled some information on the various technologies I use in my knives so you can learn more about what they are and what they offer you as the end user or collector of my knives.  



The Moon IO-Stop is a new over-travel prevention method.  IO-Stop stands for "Integral Over-travel" Stop.  The over-travel prevention mechanism is machined into the titanium frame-lock, doing away for the need for additional parts and aesthetically unpleasing hardware on the outside of the knife, or needlessly complex mechanisms inside the knife.  The IO-Stop is a simple, effective and mechanically elegant solution to the age-old problem of hyperextension damage, and it's just plain cool.


Tapered Frames: 

All Moon Knives use tapered frames, dating back to my first folding knife, the Mk12 in 2011.  The first Moon designs like the MkX series only tapered in one direction, from the front to back, but newer knives like the Stormcrow and Banshee both have 3D tapered frames, tapering from top to bottom.  This allows my knives to use thicker stock material near the critical areas around the pivot, lending the knives strength, but the tapers remove material from the frame closer to your pocket.  This makes the knives lighter and thinner at the areas that pull away from your body, which makes them more comfortable to carry.  This is one of the reasons why people say despite their size, my knives carry like much smaller knives, and one of the reasons my knives weigh considerably less than you would otherwise think they should weigh.


Moon Knives is known for doing things a little differently from most custom knife makers.  Use of new technologies, interesting locks, methods of construction and materials are all hallmarks of Moon Design, which help contribute to stunning designs and world class cutlery.  I've assembled some information on the various technologies I use in my knives so you can learn more about what they are and what they offer you as the end user or collector of my knives.  


Bolster and Double-Bolster locks: 

The Mk6 and Mk10 both utilize modified framelocks that are known as bolsterlocks.  A normal framelock uses a thick frame to lock up against the underside of the blade, and is held in place by friction, aided by the user's hand.  However, they tend to be quite heavy because of the thick frame, as well as heat conductive and they require an overtravel stop to prevent damage to the locking mechanism.  The bolsterlock solves these problems by removing most of the titanium from the frame and replacing it with lighter scale material (usually G10 or some other synthetic).  This allows the lock to retain the benefits of the framelock, but substantially reduces the weight, as well as creates an overtravel stop using the scale material.  It also provides a thermal barrier for the user's hand, so the frame does not conduct heat or cold into your hand in harsh weather.  The Mk10 uses a double-bolsterlock which has a set of reinforced bolsters at the butt end of the knife to allow for non-lethal strikes and glass breaking.

Spindle Lock (Patent Pending):

The Moon Spindle Lock is an advanced knife locking system that seeks to address some of the inherent deficiencies with similar locking systems.  While the Axis Lock, the progenitor of the Spindle Lock, is an excellent, strong lock, it suffers from durability issues with it's characteristic Omega Springs, and it's open to the elements leaving the lock open to dirt and grime.  Additionally, the Axis Lock is quite difficult to take apart or reassemble after cleaning.  The Spindle Lock fixes these problems, using a quick-takedown locking bar made out of solid-core hardened 440C steel with titanium studs.  This sits on top of, but is not directly connected to, a pair of twin Guide Rods that connect the Spindle to the Springs.  The Guide Rods provide an environmental seal to for the lock, keeping dirt and dust out of the lock's dual Compression Springs.  Instead of using Omega springs, which are rated for around 10,000 cycles, the Spindle Lock uses Compression Springs good for 10 million.  A fun fact: if you sat for an hour a day opening and closing your Axis Lock knife once every second, on average you'd break an Omega Spring every 180 days.  If you did the same thing with a Spindle Lock, it would last 38 years.  The ease of maintenance, strength, durability and lightness of the Spindle Lock are the reasons I chose to file a Patent on the system; it's truly an amazing locking system that takes the already excellent work done in the Axis Lock and elevates it to a new level previously unattained in the knife world.  

The Spindle Lock was first deployed in 2018 on the Banshee model, but will be featured on additional upcoming models.  If you'd like to license the Spindle Lock for your own work, please email me at support@willmooncustomknives.com.  You can see testing video of the Spindle Lock here.



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Below you will find knives both of my manufacture and from other great custom makers.  On occasion I do sell knives out of my personal collection, please see each knife's description for information on each piece including condition and terms.  If you have any questions about a particular piece, please email me at support@willmooncustomknives.com and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!  Inventory is live and up to date.

Please read and fully understand our Shipping, Return and Warranty policies before placing your order.




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Shipping, Return & Warranty


Please allow for up to one week for shipment of in stock items.  I'm primarily a maker rather than a retailer and the majority of my time is spent making knives rather than shipping.  However, rest assured shipping will be completed as quickly as humanly possible.  

Please note that the Buyer is responsible for all taxes, customs, tariffs and duties.  International buyers are subject to additional shipping charges due to the increased cost of international ship, this is on a case-by-case basis and is largely dependent on the country the knife is being shipped to.  Please contact me for all questions regarding international shipping.

Moon Knives Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your Moon knife is guaranteed for life. Every knife is designed for a purpose, and built accordingly. If your Moon knife fails to perform its intended purpose due to workmanship or faulty materials, we will cover your repair free of cost. We reserve the right to repair or replace parts at our discretion. Natural materials are not covered under this warranty. Neglect, abuse and incorrect application (using your knife to perform any other task besides cutting) will void your warranty.  Do not take apart your Moon knife for any other reason besides cleaning, as this will void your warranty.

Some examples of items that will void your warranty include:

-Grinding on the locking face

-Using the knife with various parts removed, like bearings or stop pins

-Mixing parts between knives

-Aftermarket customizations  (anodization, paint, refinishing, regrinding, engraving or any mechanical alterations, etc)


As part of your warranty, we will always clean, tune and sharpen your Moon folder at no charge. Your only cost is the return-shipping fee (15$ US, Intl. at cost). If a knife has been modified or taken apart outside of our workshop, your warranty is void.

Please be aware that titanium anodization wear, Cerakote wear, “snail trails” and other finish wear are natural parts of a knife’s life cycle.  Refinishing these purely cosmetic items will require a service charge for my time and work. Once your knife is received it is usually fixed up and on its way back within 3-6 weeks. That period is an estimate and can take longer, or on rare occasions, not so long.  It is primarily dependent on my workload, please bare in mind I am a single person shop. 




I have a "no-questions-asked" return policy for all in-stock Moon knives purchased directly from my site within the first 48 hours after receipt.  If you intend to return a knife, you will need to notify me within the 48 hour window and return your knife in "new" condition for a no hassle full refund.  I must recieve your knife within 5 business days; even if you notify me of a return, if you do not return the knife within one business week, the knife will be returned to you and a refund will not be issued.  In-stock collection knives (IE non-Moon knives) are only returnable if they are defective from the manufacturer or are in someway other than as expected.  I do my absolute best to accurately describe every knife on the site, so please check the item description before purchase, and if you have any questions about a knife, please feel free to contact me via email.  If you would like additional product photos or video of a particular product, please feel free to ask as I'm happy to get them.  My goal is to make sure you find the perfect knife for you!  Shipping fees are non-refundable.  

This does NOT include knives on payment plans.  There is a 20% restocking fee on all knives returned that were purchased under a payment plan.  

I do not accept returns on international purchases or custom orders.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

 Absolutely no returns will be accepted after the 48 hour window has expired.  




I do understand that my work is sometimes quite expensive, so I offer payment plans on any knife in inventory.  To start a payment plan, first contact me via email at support@willmooncustomknives.com and we can set up a purchase.  I ask for a 1/3rd deposit on all knives purchased under a payment plan and the remainder within two months.  Deposits are non-refundable.  If a knife is purchased under a payment plan and the buyer defaults, the knife will be re-listed for sale.  In certain cases I can accommodate longer payment periods, especially on more expensive knives. 

All disclosures herein contain proprietary rights of Will Moon Custom Knives including any and all intellectual property rights.  Disclosures are solely for the purposes of marketing and sales.  Any use for competitive purposes will be a violation of Will Moon Custom Knives’s legal rights including intellectual property rights.

The Moon Spindle Lock is patent pending and the sole property of Will Moon Knives LLC.  It is not to be recreated or used without express permission from Will Moon Knives LLC.  

 By placing an order you agree to abide by a policy of basic decency, wherein the buyer will maintain good faith with the seller and vise-versa.  That good faith includes, but is not limited to, resolution of any conflicts in private, rather than in any open or public forum, social media group or page.  I will do my utmost to ensure that you, as my customer, have an excellent buying experience and that the knife you order is of the best possible quality, but please understand that in the age of the internet, negative reviews can easily destroy a small business like mine, which jeopardizes my ability to provide for my family.  This goes for any small business.  If for some reason you feel that you have not recieved something up to par, or that your experience could be improved in any way, please contact me as I'm very receptive to helping improve not only my product, but my business and would rather find a way to make you happy as my customer than have negativity spoil what should be a fun experience.  I truly want you to be "wowed" when ordering from Moon Knives; The policy of basic decency is my promise to you that I will do everything in my power to make your experience awesome!  

"Spa Treatments" and Refinishing


Moon Knives is a small business consisting of only one person - myself - who wears all the hats in the business.  I stand strongly behind my work with a 100% commitment to make your knife perfect!  However, because my time is limited, I do require non-mechanical, non-warranty work to be paid for.  This includes the proverbial "Spa Treatment" that many makers offer, which includes refinishing and non-warranty work.  

A basic "Spa Treatment" for your knife includes the following:

-Cleaning and lubrication

-Replacement of any wear items

-Replacement of any worn out or stripped screws that may have been damaged from use

-Any new updates to design specs, IE changing steel bearings out to ceramic, or addition of titanium screws


-New Zipper case

-Basic refinishing (IE re-blasting bead blasted surfaces, or reanodizing basic ano)

"Spa Treatments" run $125 for the basic service, which includes Paypal fees and return shipping.  Depending on the complexity of the job at hand, I may give you a quote for more extensive services.  If you have an extremely complex finish that needs re-anodization, for example, I may need to charge more to comphensate for the time.  "Spa Treatments" are the only times I will require payment in full upfront before starting work on your knife.  Please do not send any accessories or cases with your knife.  Your knife will return from the service with a custom zipper case.  



Mil/LE Discount

Moon Knives is a Pro-American company, dedicated to the production of world-class cutlery, handmade in the USA out of USA made materials on USA made tooling.  I truly believe that the United States is the greatest country on Earth, and that the Liberty and Freedom afforded to us is sacrosanct.  This Liberty was hard-fought and won by some of the most courageous men and women to ever live.  

In recognition of this service and sacrifice, Moon Knives is proud to offer a 10% discount to members currently serving in the US Armed Forces, or Veterans of the US Armed Forces.  Also, Moon Knives offers a 10% discount to members of the US Law Enforcement Community, who help serve the rule of law, and ensure that the rights of the citizens of the United States are upheld on a daily basis.

If you would like to claim a Mil/LE discount, please email a copy of your appropriate ID to me at support@willmooncustomknives.com.  

Thank you for your service!